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The Ceres Community Project is a nonprofit organization in Northern California that helps us get back to our roots through clean eating. They’re a big part of how we got our start. Check out their mission below:

Ceres Community Project creates better health for people, communities and the environment through love, healing food and empowering the next generation. Through four program sites in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ceres provides 200,000 organic whole food meals a year – along with nutrition education and caring support – to community members struggling because of a serious health challenge.

All of those meals are prepared by youth who serve as volunteer gardeners and chefs in the program. Young people learn about growing, cooking and eating health foods, gain skills that will help them be successful in school and life, develop leadership, and discover their belonging as valuable and valued members of the community.

Ceres has also trained eleven communities around the United States and helped them launch similar programs based on Ceres’ model.

Ceres Community Project Logo

We support Ceres Community Project’s mission by actively promoting the health benefits of clean food on our bodies and supporting their work financially and through product donations. Like those initial krauts, we want to continue creating tasty products that make you feel just as good they taste. If you want more information on the work done by the folks at Ceres Community Project, visit their website.

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