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Domestic Shipping

We currently ship only in the United States and will deliver your order to you in the quickest, safest, and most efficient way possible. Our products are shipped with cold packs (“refrigerated”) via ground shipping out of Bear Creek, WI. Orders to the following states qualify for our $10 flat rate refrigerated shipping on a minimum $40 purchase: WI, IL, IA, IN, MN, MI. We also also offer $35 flat rate refrigerated 2-day shipping to the all other states in the continental U.S. To arrive in a safe and delicious condition, our products need to arrive quickly so do not offer slower shipping options at this time. We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.

We ship out orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Not your jam? wildbrine and wildCREAMERY products are available all over the U.S. and Canada at thousands of locations. Check out our Product and Store Locator to find what you’re craving. There’s also a handy retailer request form to let us know you’d like a retailer to carry our products.

Are the packaging materials recyclable?

The cardboard outer box and the insulated inner liner are both curbside recyclable. The gel ice packs are not recyclable, but feel free to refreeze them and reuse. We are dedicated to being eco-friendly and are excited to be using sustainable packaging with our new shipping boxes. Our uniquely beautiful jars also have many reuses. Get ideas here:

When will my order arrive?

We aim to deliver your order to you in the quickest and most efficient way possible. At the moment, we ship out orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and orders to the west coast should arrive in less than 3 days. 2-day shipping will be delivered in, you guessed it, 2 days.  Your order status will be updated with tracking information via email once your order ships.

My order has arrived, but not all of my products are here. What happened?

Depending on the quantity you ordered, we may have shipped your products in different boxes (there is a limit on how many containers can fit into each box). If the rest of your order does not arrive within 2 business days, please send us an email:

My online order arrived and it is room temperature / the ice packs had melted. Is it still safe?

As long as your krauts, salsas, srirachas and kimchis arrive at room temperature or cooler, they will be safe to eat. Make sure to put them in your fridge as soon as you receive your delivery. For our brinery products, fermentation is an effective preservation method used for thousands of years, and the probiotic bacteria in our fermented products thrive at temperatures up to 110°. Both cold shipping and refrigeration help maintain a consistent flavor and texture for as long as possible. For our wildCREAMERY products, since they are all natural and made without preservatives, all of them should be kept refrigerated. Please contact us if they arrive at room temperature.

There doesn’t seem to be a seal over the mouth of the kraut, kimchi or salsa jar. Is that normal?

We do not have a plastic seal that adheres to the top rim of our jars. We have designed the label to go up and over the lid, so that it acts as the tamper-proof seal. We have designed it this way deliberately. Fermented products continue to ferment, producing a small amount of gas, and the threads on  our lid is designed to allow for a bit of gas to escape so the pressure doesn’t build up in the jar.

My fermented product arrived and one of the jars leaked. Why did it leak? Is it okay to eat?

Completely safe to eat! The jars do sometimes leak, especially if they haven’t been upright for a while. We have specifically designed our jars and lids to allow a bit of gas to escape, since the products continue to slowly ferment and emit gases. We do this to prevent them from erupting like a volcano when you first open the jar. For this reason, always store your jar upright in the fridge.

If your fermented product erupted in route, please send an email with your order number and an image of the jar to

How should I store the products after I receive them?

Both the wildbrine ferments and the wildCREAMERY items should be kept in the refrigerator at all times. They should be stored at a temperature of 35-42 degrees.

How long will the dips and dairy alternatives last in the refrigerator?

Kept refrigerated and unopened (film seal still in place), all of our wildCREAMERY items will last up to their best-buy dates. Once opened, the products should be consumed within 10-14 days (it can also be dependent on how long the products were left out of refrigeration when used). It’s always a good idea to check that your product smells and looks like it should before you eat it.

How long will wildbrine products last after opening the jar?

As long as your wildbrine fermented products are kept in the fridge with the brine covering all the product, they will be good for one to two months past the sell-by date printed on the lid.

Just a side note: Make sure to always use a clean spoon or fork when digging into the krauts and kimchis.

I can’t get the lid off. What can I do?

Wildbrine products continue to ferment since they’re a wild, naturally fermented product. This process releases gas pressure into the jar which sometimes results in difficulty opening the lid. If that happens, try these tricks:

Let your kraut, kimchi, or salsa hang out on the countertop for 5-10 minutes. The change in temperature relieves some of the pressure.
Run hot water over the edge of the lid for 20 seconds then try again to unscrew it.

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