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While we try our hardest to keep our product finder as up-to-date as possible, we cannot guarantee that a product listed here will be at the retail outlet, due to inventory moving in and out. Please accept our apologies if something isn't available. In addition to the stores listed in our product finder, we are also available at Costco locations throughout the US and Canada. We get lots of requests for the larger size Organic Green Sauerkraut, available at Costco. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell this Costco-specific product in our online store. Please know that the Organic Green Kraut should start re-appearing in your local Costco beginning in mid-winter to early spring, depending on where you live.

Our wildCREAMERY products are just now rolling out in stores across the country, so aren't yet widely available. But you can buy them in our online store.

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