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Best Products from Expo West 2019 – wildbrine Brie

Of all of the impressively decadent and satisfying vegan soft cheeses out there, none have captured that brie-specific brine like this new release from wildbrine, best known for their sauerkraut.

Fig Prosciutto sandwich with wildbrine red kraut

Gluten Free Fig Proscuitto Sandwich

Easy to prepare and oh-so comforting, a sandwich is the go-to lunch for millions of Americans. Don’t let your midday meal get as stale as week-old gluten-free bread. Pile on the flavor with these allergy-friendly sandwiches. They’re stuffed with healthy proteins, vibrant veggies and DIY spreads.

Our organic cabbage kraut is part of our sustainable food program.

wildbrine Feeds Cancer Patients

Wildbrine began with Co-founder Rick’s involvement with the Ceres Community Project. He volunteered there as a mentor chef to youth, educating and providing them with the skills to create wonderfully healing, warming and delicious organic meals from scratch individuals in need within the community, 90% of whom are cancer patients.


You Are What You Eat

Or, more precisely, you are what you eat eats. Here we explore the wild and diverse world of your gut microbiome and its critical role in your total body health—from head to toe.


North Bay Bountiful: Fermented Foods

Find out why Sonoma County is a fermentation hot spot in the Bay Area, visit a fermentation bar, an artisanal sourdough bakery and make sauerkraut and kimchi. Discover the magic of Kefir beverages, and join a fermentation circus that employs sustainable practices.


Detox Pantry Essentials

Prepping detox meals, while no more complex than conventional cooking, does require some planning ahead: Swapping pantry items on the no-no list for detox-friendly alternatives. The great thing is that a lot of these substitutions are just as delicious (if not more so) than their non-clean counterparts, so keep working them into the mix, detox […]


Expo West 2017: SPINS Recaps Major Trends and Products

Simanski and Coons picked Wildbrine’s Probiotic Spicy Kimchi Sriracha as one of their favorite items from the entire show. Praising its resourceful use of leftover juice from kimchi and kraut veggies to double-ferment the sauce, the pair said it exemplified a changing landscape of refrigerated condiments that are also living, raw foods, and that retailers were beginning to adjust their merchandising to better reflect this evolution.


Cameron Diaz Puts an Egg On It

Cameron Diaz is the definition of an unstudied good cook. Relying primarily on instinct, she can turn pretty much anything into some sort of, generally egg-topped, delectable bowl—usually using leftovers from the night before as a base, whether it’s pizza or stir-fry. So when she offered to hack GP and Thea’s Cauliflower & Kimchi Fried Rice from It’s All Easy—out next week!—we had to see what she would do.


Watch: 5 NOSH Staff Picks From Expo West

The Project NOSH team walked miles of the show’s booth-lined aisles, which were filled with 3,100 exhibiting companies and over 80,000 attendees. The goal: to find new products that embody the natural food industry’s hottest trends — and five in particular stood out among the sea of booths.


The Finest Sauer: 5 delicious ways to use sauerkraut, inspired by our favorite chefs

We love the shriveled sour cabbage on top of our ballpark hot dog, but sauerkraut deserves so much more. “The flavors are so complex and layered, but it is only made from cabbage and salt, two of the humblest ingredients in our pantry,” Edward Lee, chef at Louisville’s 610 Magnolia, says. “To transform something like that into the delicious, mysterious condiment is a small miracle.”


Kraut Pleasers

Greater Sonoma is in a bit of a pickle … and that’s a good thing. It’s at the forefront of one of the hottest culinary trends, fermented foods, as witnessed by the growing prevalence of sauerkraut in home and restaurant kitchens, and the enthusiastic response to the Farm to Fermentation Festival, held each summer in Santa Rosa.


Growing the Culture

When I was a kid, my Irish-American father complained about the smell of kimchi permeating our house whenever someone opened the refrigerator door. The combination of Napa cabbage, ginger, garlic and red chili powder gochugaru created a pungent aroma that seeped through the lids of the gallon-sized glass jars housing Korea’s most popular foodstuff.


How Use of Probiotics Benefits Cyclists

Probiotics can be incredibly beneficial for cyclists, says Dr. Ralf Jäger, who has been studying them as an inexpensive way to improve health. Probiotics, or live microorganisms that can be found in fermented foods or in pill form, help create a system of happy bacteria throughout your gut.