Month: January 2019

What is kimchi to wildbrine?

Originally made from the local radish crop and then eventually Chinese Napa cabbage, this fermented dish also includes punchy spice notes for a multidimensional kick.

Bratwurst and sauerkraut with wildbrine kraut

This super easy bratwurst and sauerkraut braise comes together in a flash, with wildbrine’s distinctive Garlic and Dill Kraut providing tons of flavor. Great for a weeknight dish.

Probiotics during pregnancy helps

Incorporating probiotics into a prenatal diet helps decrease stress on the digestive system. Learn why as well as how to deliciously add probiotics during pregnancy to improve your health.

chocolate sauerkraut cake is delicious

You may not think sauerkraut when contemplating a chocolate dessert but, yes, it’s a delicious combo. Trust us, the staff at wildbrine love this chocolate sauerkraut cake.