Zucchini Fritters with wildbrine kimchi on a platter

Kimchi and Summer Squash Fritter Recipe

A deliciously flavorful way to use up summer’s abundance of squash, we recommend adding these fritters as a staple for the remainder of the season. The wildbrine’s veggie-heavy kimchi adds not just incredible flavor but more nutrients as well. Pair these zucchini and yellow squash fritters as a side with a protein-heavy meal, as a main course with a side salad, and/or additional grilled vegetables. Don’t forget to top them with whichever wildbrine product you love the most. Spicy Kimchi Sriracha comes to mind.


2 zucchini, medium sized, shredded using a box grater
2 yellow summer squash, medium sized, shredded using a box grater
1 c. wildbrine Korean Kimchi, drained
¼ c. fresh green onion, julienne
2 whole eggs, whisked
5 Tbsp. all-purpose flour (chick pea flour may be substituted)
2 Tbsp. cooking oil
1 tsp. salt
Additional salt and pepper to taste


30 min


Makes 10-12 large fritters


1. Grate all zucchini and squash into a colander. Sprinkle 1 tsp of salt and toss to combine. Set aside for about 10 minutes and let liquid drain. Once squash has drained and working in batches, use a dish towel or paper towels to squeeze and wring out all of the zucchini and squash to remove as much water as possible. Place squeezed and dried squash into separate bowl.

2. Add the drained kimchi and green onion to the grated squash. Add eggs to the vegetable mixture and mix well. Add salt, freshly ground pepper, and flour and mix until well combined. Cook immediately. Do not let sit.

3. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Add oil to the pan and allow to heat. Scoop a small amount of fritter mixture (one tablespoon up to ¼ cup, depending on preference) into oil. Carefully spread out the fritter mixture once in pan to form a thin, round, pancake shape. Cook each fritter for 3-4 minutes per side, until golden brown and cooked through. Enjoy with copious amounts of wildbrine Sriracha and Kimchi.

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