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Improve gut health naturally

Take our short course on how to heal your gut naturally with fermented foods that provide nutrition beyond their veggie roots.

Healthy Lemon Bar Recipe (Vegan, Raw, Dairy Free))

Dig your sweet tooth into these incredibly healthy, raw, and probiotic-rich lemon bars. Not a drop of dairy in this recipe.

What does kimchi smell like? wildbrine Korean Kimchi

Fermentation elevates the aromas of its basic ingredients. Bread smells much better than flour. So, what does kimchi smell like? Like deliciousness.

vegan buddha bowl

Small changes to your daily diet can add up to a much healthier gut. Incorporate fermented foods and plenty of veggies with these ideas.

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If 2020 were a test, America’s kitchen warriors would have passed with As. Our most popular blogs reflected this culinary renaissance.


An exceedingly easy and delicious salad recipe that comes together in minutes and has three gut-healthy, nutrition-rich ingredients.

A meal with fermented condiments

Looking for a quick, easy way to elevate your mealtime routine? You should give fermented condiments like krauts, kimchis, and sriracha a try.

Fall Harvest Salad Recipe

Enjoy autumn’s produce with our vegan and paleo-friendly fall harvest salad featuring roasted veggies and our Red Beet and Red Cabbage.

plant based diet

Worried about your health? The answer might be as close as the produce section of your grocer. Read our easily consumed guide.