Author: The wild Bunch

When we eat, we’re not just feeding ourselves. We’re also feeding our gut. Get the lowdown on the microbiome.

wildbrine wontons

A common dumpling hailing from China, wontons are filled with meat or seafood and various veggies. Our spin includes the flavorful addition of Arame Ginger sauerkraut.

What is Bioavailability

When you eat something, it doesn’t mean your body is absorbing the goodness it provides. Learn about the bioavailability of food nutrients.

Hummus and Kimchi Dip

This quick, super tasty wildbrine kimchi dip unites our Japanese Kimchi with creamy hummus to form a perfect party union.

Our kraut with probiotics could help with weight loss

Usually, when we hear probiotics, we think gut health. But there’s growing evidence for how weight loss and good gut bacteria work together.

probiotic shrimp and pasta salad

Perfect for picnics or for a filling and fast weeknight meal, this pasta salad can be assembled with whatever protein floats your boat.

Ways to work probiotic foods into your life.

Getting the daily probiotics your body needs is as easy as eating two tablespoons of fermented foods.

A can-be bland turkey meatball turns flavorful and awesome with the addition of Curry Cauliflower Sauerkraut.

Rick Goldberg & Christ Glab of Wildbrine

How the wildbrine founders, Chris and Rick, ferment their creative ideas for new products and stories of their biggest products fails.