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All things wildly ramen: The popular styles, the best toppings and five tasty ramen noodle recipes. Plus, our favorite, probiotic-rich ramen toppings.

Lakeside Organic Garden's Family

We love our long-term grower partners. We’ve been working with Lakeside Organic Gardens in California’s Central Coast for over two years. Learn their story.

types of probiotics

Using wild fermentation in our products keeps things lively at wildbrine. Meet the good bugs in our fermented foods that help keep the gut healthy.

This delicious, paleo and keto friendly Reuben salad recipe might just be your new weeknight dinnertime salad. Rich, filling, and full of probiotics.

eggs - a part of a healthy gut diet plan

Eating a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day, elevating your energy. These recipes raise the healthy gut diet bar.

wildbrine kimchi fried rice recipe

This healthy kimchi fried rice incorporates our Korean kimchi into a savory, traditional recipe at the end, preserving the gut-friendly probiotics. Say hello to spicy goodness.

wildbrine Japanese and Mild vegan kimchi

When we decided to make kimchi, we didn’t aim to reinvent Korea’s most famous condiment. We followed our mission.

screen shot from wildbrine video

Check out our new video, showing how we do things here at wildbrine, from working with local, Sonoma County CA farms to how we craft our products.

Brussel sprouts salad recipe with kimchi salad dressing

This brussel sprouts salad recipe can be a main course or a side dish, adding some super health benefits to any meal.

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