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Ramen Recipe Roundup: What to Eat with Ramen Noodles

While hamburgers or hotdogs are considered iconic American dishes, many would argue that ramen is just as well-loved as traditional “All-American” foods. But these three dishes have one thing in common: You can top them with a variety of condiments to transform the taste experience. Ramen especially. Suggestions abound about what to eat with ramen, and toppings options vary, just like hamburgers and hot dogs. Here, we introduce you to our favorite garnishes for these beloved noodles, as well as reveal five tasty recipes to explore.

The 4 Most Popular Styles of Ramen Broth

Ramen is a noodle soup dish that originated in China. It quickly moved over to Japan, becoming one of the most well-loved meals in the country. The popularity of ramen grew as Japanese natives emigrated all over the world, especially fashionable in big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Ramen may be considered a quick yet common noodle dish, but its distinctions are anything but. The style of ramen changes depending on the region of Japan from which the recipe creator came or visited, with different regions known for their own unique takes. Today, there are four main ramen styles — each originating from different regions in China and Japan before this beloved dish immigrated to America.

  • Shio ramen, with its clear, light-bodied, salty chicken broth
  • Shoyu ramen, a soy sauce-flavored chicken broth
  • Tonkatsu ramen, a rich, pork-based broth
  • Miso ramen, which is miso-based

What to Eat with Ramen Noodles

A bowl of ramen is so versatile that it can appeal to almost anybody. Ramen toppings rank just as high in importance as the type of noodles you use or the quality of the broth. The foundational ingredients are similar, but what you add to it completely changes the dish.

Traditional kimchi is a great addition as a ramen topping, packing a crunchy, acidic, and salty flavor that works with any broth. And, wildbrine’s kimchis do not include fish sauce and, as a result, are both vegan and shellfish-allergy free (read why). To keep it in the family, our Miso-Horseradish Kimchi offers up tamari, red miso, ginger, garlic, orange peel, and chili pepper, or our wildbrine Spicy Kimchi Sriracha is a definite ramen fave on Instagram. Other veggie and herb options include cilantro, Thai basil, hot peppers, green onions, nori, soft-boiled eggs and bean sprouts, among so many others.

No judgment if you take instant ramen and incorporate healthy amendments.

Kimchi offers natural probiotics from food


Five Favorite Ramen Recipes

This Vegan Ramen with Miso Shiitake Broth recipe is created by food blogger Feasting at Home, who focuses on healthy, seasonal whole food recipes.

This Easy Pork Ramen recipe was made by recipe developer, photographer, writer, and cookbook author The Flavor Bender, who creates recipes from her own experiences that combine flavors in new and wildly creative ways.

This Miso Ramen Recipe cooks in under 25 minutes says Steamy Kitchen, a recipe developer, TV chef, and cookbook author.

This Quick and Easy Kimchi Ramen recipe was created by the family of chefs and food bloggers at The Woks of Life.

This Simple Homemade Chicken Ramen recipe was inspired by food blogger Fork Knife Swoon’s in-laws living abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Her blog focuses on creating simple, approachable, and delicious recipes driven by seasonal produce and whole foods.

All of these recipes recommend adding ramen toppings based on your own preferences. Any recipe works either as a romantic dinner for two or as the perfect party dish for large gatherings, involving a table filled with different ramen toppings for everyone to pick and choose as they customize their own unique dish. But any dinner that incorporates a bit of nostalgia, comforting noodles, and healthy probiotics is great for the whole family.

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