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I am just wondering whether cooking or heating fermented foods kills the probiotics?

The wild Bunch

Hi Susan – Yes, it does. Any fermented food that reaches around 105 degrees or so and beyond does lose its probiotic potency. But not its flavor and nutrients.


What effect will freezing have on fermented sauerkraut?

The wild Bunch

Hi Vetetia – While we’re still running experiments to confirm this, we suspect that freezing will kill the probiotics and make the sauerkraut softer.


Does the sauerkraut go bad if it was unrefrigerated for over 10 hours?

The wild Bunch

No, as long as it didn’t reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It might be a little less crisp though, since refrigeration keeps it crisp.


Is it safe to drink the brine liquid in your bowl after enjoying sauerkraut?? Or should you always drain well before serving?

The wild Bunch

Hi Lisa – Absolutely! In fact, we have an entire blog post on ways to use the leftover brine.