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My son introduced me to your Kim chi and I’ve become addicted to your product. I’ve tried 2 other brands,but they don’t compare. I also purchase Wild Brine red beets and red cabbage,which I love . Problem!!! The last time I purchased the red beet,red cabbage it was super soggy and tasted weird,no crunch that I love. I’m still eating it and feel fine.I’m not kidding you when I say I love your stuff, I myself eat one jar of each EVERY WEEK.So what gives with the soggies ?

The wild Bunch

First of all, thanks for being a fan! We love to hear these things. But we’re sorry to hear that the last jar of red beet kraut that you bought wasn’t as crunchy as past jars that you have gotten. Since fermentation is a natural, organic process, variation is to be expected. We use the same recipe every time, but we are dependent on the fresh vegetables that we use and they vary due to biological activity, including different fields and cabbage strains, climate, soil, etc. So, sometimes it is crunchy and sometimes it is softer, sometimes it is more sour, and sometimes a little bitter. We do what we can, but the reality of things always tasting the same is more a product of industrialized expectations of food. Our products are raw and fresh so we cannot be as exact.
If you don’t mind, can you please send us the Sell By Date on the jar plus the 3 letter code, so that we can pass it on to the QA manager? Send that to Thank you for letting us know!