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Love your products. Dill Kraut is our favorite. Interesting. In south India, We have never made it with vinegar. We have 2 common/village types ‘pickles’. In summer months, lemons/mango would be cut into pieces and mixed with salt and turmeric. Left outside (in a clay pot covered with thin cloth) in the sun for 7-10 days. Then add Tadka – oil, mustard seed, chili powder and Hing. After it cooled down, we then added to the pickle. The winter/rainy months, cut lemon Would be mixed with salt and turmeric, left on a sunny window for 2-3 days, then Hot Tadka would be added. Leave for 10 days before serving. These are our traditional ways of making it.

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Evangeline: Thanks for the info and for your support for wildbrine. It’s fascinating to hear different recipes and methods from around the world.

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Thanks for that! Great information