Plant Based Cream Cheese

5 Plant-Based Cream Cheese Recipes We Can’t Live Without

If you’ve decided to ditch the dairy for any reason – a vegan lifestyle, sensitivity, or just because you feel like cutting back — we’re here to help you in your quest for delicious eats made rich and decadent without the addition of classic, dairy-full cream cheese. Below we’ve rounded up our favorite plant-based cream cheese recipes to satisfy whatever sweet or savory tooth you may be experiencing. Made from vegan ingredients like soaked cashews, coconut cream, and our very own wildCREAMERY Cream Cheese Alternative, the below recipes deliver all the flavor without all the dairy. Pick your favorite and start cooking!

Plant-Based Cream Cheese Recipes We Love

Gnocchi with Kimchi Recipe

Soft, pillowy clouds of gnocchi are tossed with wildCREAMERY Cream Cheese Alternative and wildbrine Korean Style Kimchi to create a dinner dish that is both rich, comforting, and just a bit spicy. Don’t skip on making your own handmade gnocchi. These little pasta bites aren’t nearly as difficult to create as you may think. Dinner guests will be in awe and we guarantee everyone will be addicted after the first bite.

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Vegan Apple Cake

This lightly spiced apple cake offers a delicate crumb that pairs wonderfully with the decadent dairy free cream cheese frosting. The frosting gets its rich flavor profile from our plant-based cream cheese Alternative and wildCREAMERY Butter used in the recipe. Completely vegan and perfectly sweetened, no one will notice there’s not a pinch of real dairy in the entire cake.

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Dairy Free Cheesecake

If you’ve never tried a raw, vegan cheesecake, it’s time you did. Made decadently smooth and creamy by blending cashews, coconut cream, and just a pinch of maple syrup, this dessert comes out of the fridge cool and luscious. It’s the perfect showstopper to your dinner parties. We love the addition of almonds in the crust of this recipe for a bit of crunch and nuttiness. Sprinkle in just a bit of cinnamon for some extra spice when making it.

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Easy Vegan Carrot Cake

It turns out that it’s incredibly easy to have drool-worthy carrot cake without the dairy. In this recipe by The Curious Chickpea, the cake is bursting with carrot, ginger, and walnuts for the spicy sweetness we love so much. Oil and non-dairy milk take the place of traditional eggs and dairy, and the entire thing gets doused in a vegan cream cheese frosting similar to the one used for our Apple Cake. To amp up flavor and nutrition, use wildCREAMERY products.

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Vegan Spinach Dip

A classic appetizer for any party or gathering, Spinach dip is usually rich and heavy due to the sour cream and mayonnaise used in it. This recipe by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen swaps out the traditionally heavy egg and cream dish for vegan mayo and wildCREAMERY Plant-Based Cream Cheese. Fold in some garlic, onion, and handfuls of fresh baby spinach and get ready for a filling, dippable appetizer that’s sure to please.

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The moral of this story is that you can have your (dairy free) cake and eat it too without sacrificing flavor. Get your hands on some wildCREAMERY Cream Cheese Alternative and get cooking! We can’t wait to hear what you think about this product.

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