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Cameron Diaz Puts an Egg On It

Cameron Diaz is the definition of an unstudied good cook. Relying primarily on instinct, she can turn pretty much anything into some sort of, generally egg-topped, delectable bowl—usually using leftovers from the night before as a base, whether it’s pizza or stir-fry. So when she offered to hack GP and Thea’s Cauliflower & Kimchi Fried Rice from It’s All Easy—out next week!—we had to see what she would do.

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Watch: 5 NOSH Staff Picks From Expo West

The Project NOSH team walked miles of the show’s booth-lined aisles, which were filled with 3,100 exhibiting companies and over 80,000 attendees. The goal: to find new products that embody the natural food industry’s hottest trends — and five in particular stood out among the sea of booths.


The Finest Sauer: 5 delicious ways to use sauerkraut, inspired by our favorite chefs

We love the shriveled sour cabbage on top of our ballpark hot dog, but sauerkraut deserves so much more. “The flavors are so complex and layered, but it is only made from cabbage and salt, two of the humblest ingredients in our pantry,” Edward Lee, chef at Louisville’s 610 Magnolia, says. “To transform something like that into the delicious, mysterious condiment is a small miracle.”

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