Our collection of wild recipes and articles on improving gut health.

Vegan Applecake

Vegan Apple Cake Recipe

Incredibly easy to throw together, this plant-based cake boasts a dense crumb with lots of flavor and a delicious, dairy-free cream cheese frosting.

wildbrine products with happy birthday sign

Our Staff’s Favorite Product Uses and Recipes

Naturally, some of our biggest fans work here. Our staff gets creative with our products and they shared their home-spun creations.

Watermelon Cucumer Salad - Blog

Refreshing Watermelon-Cucumber Salad (Probiotic-Rich)

This refreshing, light and dairy-free recipe uses wildbrine Arame Ginger Sauerkraut to add a healthy dose of probiotics and loads of flavor.

Vegan high dietary fibre and immune boosting health food  with fruit, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds with foods high in omega 3, antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins.

Probiotics Versus Prebiotics: Explained

Confused about these terms? We explain the relationship between probiotics and prebiotics and their very supportive, symbiotic roles in our microbiome.

Chilled Summer Beans and Sauerkraut Salad

Chilled Summer Bean and Sauerkraut Salad

This recipe is a fresh take on Gomae, a Japanese-style spinach salad that’s dressed with a light sesame dressing with some nice crunch too.

quesadilla on a plate

What to Eat with Quesadillas

Kick up your quesadilla routine with these tips, tricks, and recipes for the world’s most versatile anytime comfort food.

Veggie Okonomiyaki

Veggie Okonomiyaki

A popular Japanese dish, Okonomiyaki is a deliciously savory pancake consisting of cabbage and batter for a wide variety of toppings.

What is a flexitarian diet

What is a Flexitarian Diet and Is It the Right Path?

Flexitarians have stumbled upon the secret to dieting success – a little flexibility and a whole lot of vegetables! Click and learn more.

Dairy free baked cheesecake

Dairy Free Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Ideal for vegans and health-conscious folks, dairy-free baked cheesecake is not only better for you, it’s like you’re not eating healthy.

Vegan milk from nuts in glass jar with various nuts on white wooden background

Dairy-Free for Beginners: How to Transition to Plant-Based Dairy

Many of us grew up adding milk to our morning bowls of cereal, sneaking a slice of cheese for an afternoon snack and enjoying a dab of butter on our baked potato at dinner. But it can be a different story once we hit adulthood. While dairy can be a good source of protein, the […]

Spicy sweet potato

Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Recipe

With a bit of kick, and full of citrusy tang, this recipe featuring probiotic-rich red sauerkraut is a nourishing, hearty, and healthy meal.

plant based diet grocery list on tablet

Create Your Plant-Based Diet Grocery List

Sold on the benefits of a plant-based diet but not sure what to buy? We answer that question, with a comprehensive list to take to the store.