Our collection of wild recipes and articles on improving gut health.

Mushroom Pasta

Healthy Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Quick, easy and filling, this savory, plant-based dish is perfect for a weeknight meal or a dinner party. Using wildCREAMERY butter makes it healthier.

wildbrine kimchi and sauerkraut - foods that boost your mood

Foods that Boost Your Mood

When you’re in a good mood, it may be because your microbiome is happy. Uncover the list of pro- and pre-biotic foods that help get you there.

Dairy free baked cheesecake

The Ultimate Guide to Lazy Vegan Desserts

Eating healthy can be easy. Read our ultimate guide to vegan dessert ingredients and recipes to motivate your inner plant-based chef.

Mild Kimchi with Turmeric

Top Rated Recipes with Kimchi

Easy to prepare and fun to eat, kimchi is redefining our concept of a healthy diet. Check out seven of our favorite dishes that celebrate this Korean staple.

cabbage with kimchi for a healthy microbiome

Healthy Microbiomes and Long Lives

New research indicates that getting a variety of probiotics in your diet leads to a healthier microbiome and possibly a longer life.

wildbrine Chilaquiles

Jalapeno Lime Kraut Chilaquiles

This fresh, delicious chilaquiles recipe is a textural wonderland with the addition of sauerkraut and thick-cut green onions.

Postbiotics - image of atoms

What are Postbiotics?

Learn how these biologically active molecules in our gut work within us, and how new research says postbiotics are crucial to good health.


Creamy Dairy-Free Gnocchi with Kimchi

This luscious dish uses wildbrine Korean Style Kimchi to add a depth of flavor and crunch that pairs nicely with the richness of the macadamia nuts.

What Does Sauerkraut Mean

What Does Sauerkraut Mean?

We explore sauerkraut’s meaning, its history, the fermented health benefits and how to include this ancient miracle food in your diet.

Vegetarian Reuben

Hearty Vegetarian Reuben Recipe

Hearty, warm and delicious. Warm up this season with a mouthwatering and flavorful vegetarian rueben topped with our Organic Green Sauerkraut

pink t-shirt with kraut, kimchi sriracha - web

Fermented Foods and Inflammation: The Science

While fermented foods have been dietary staples for centuries, scientists have only recently discovered their role in curbing inflammation.

Pear cupcake

Vanilla Cardamom Pear Cupcakes

You won’t miss the dairy in this plant-based pear cupcake recipe. Sunshine-y and delicious with plenty of vanilla, a hint of cardamom, and fresh pears.