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Those were great suggestions for meal additions.

The wild Bunch

Thank you!

Marcia Lapossy

You mentioned Costco sized Sauerkraut – I agree with you totally – but the Costco’s in the Cleveland area stopped carrying it – unless you know something I don’t know! Advise if you do……

The wild Bunch

Hi Marcia – Thank you SO much for your support! It looks like we’ve been shipping to Costco in the Cleveland area. If you’re not seeing it on the shelves at your Costco location, we suggest putting a note in the suggestion box and/or talk to a manager and let them know that she would like to see them bring wildbrine back in.


It’s really good on pizza too. I warm it slightly to preserve the goodness and put it on top of delivery or homemade after it’s out of the oven.

The wild Bunch

LOVE that idea Debbie! Thanks for sharing.

April Belknap

I slice up sausage, throw it in a frying pan cover it in saurkraut and when it’s hot, it’s ready ! Serve with A side of fried taters and you are going to go !

The wild Bunch

Mmmmm… tasty good!


I just purchased for the first time at Costco yesterday. I used to enhance leftover chicken: I reheated a chicken leg with some of the naturally occurring chicken broth with a sliced potato and some left over cooked vegetables. Toward the end I added about three table spoons of the kraut to the dish and cooked at power level five for two minutes. The kraut added a wonderful flavoring and greatly enhanced the leftover chicken meal. This is my first experience with the wildbrine kraut and it was a delicious one!

The wild Bunch

Joel – That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing your first wildbrine experience.


Added it to a chicken goulash; an ingredient one doesn’t want to leave out.
Would be good with pork chops and apple sauce.

John Akard

In some countries it is good luck to eat pork and kraut for the New Year. My mother added dumplings. These were 1/8th inch thick and 2″ x 2″ in size. The pork she used were Pig’s Tails.


I like spicy brat sliced thick and fried. Throw on some mixed Mexican shredded cheese and wait for melt. Move all onto sourdough with mustard and mayo and slather kraut liberally on top. @killersandwich