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Our Staff’s Favorite Product Uses and Recipes

Naturally, some of our biggest fans work here at wildbrine and wildCREAMERY. They have their hands in the product — sometimes literally — and take care of our customers all day long. So it makes sense that they get creative with our krauts, kimchis, srirachas, salsas and plant-based creamery products: butter, sour cream, cream cheese and dips. We asked our staff to share their home-spun creations with us, and we taught each other a few culinary tricks. Enjoy with abandon.

Bobby, Production Manager

I spread wildCREAMERY Chipotle Lime Dip on a Philly cheese steak sandwich, dish out Organic Green Sauerkraut with pork chops, and make an easy pork verde using our Salsa Verde.

Mary, General Manager

I enjoy Dill & Garlic Sauerkraut as a side with bbq’d salmon, spread Chipotle Lime Dip on tortillas for an impromptu taco, and serve the Salsa Rojo or Verde with chips – people always love it.

Ren, Vice-President of Sales

I slather Spicy Kimchi Sriracha on my rice, Dill & Garlic Kraut on my brats, and eat Jalapeño Lime Kraut straight out of the jar.

Lisa, Accounting Assistant

My Mom used our Plant-Based Sour Cream in our family recipe for Macaroni Salad and it turned out great.

Noel, Systems Liaison

I use the Salsa Verde with avocados to make guacamole. After mixing it all together, it doesn’t need any other spices or veggies. Perfect as is. I also use any of the creamery products on a baked potato. Again, you don’t need anything else. Super easy and sends a simple spud to a new level.

Taylor, Digital Marketing

I’m addicted to the Spicy Kimchi Sriracha on boiled eggs or stirred into my take-out ramen, in addition to some Korean Style Kimchi to kick up the spice. I’ve also started spooning the dips into a serving dish so people don’t know they’re eating non-dairy. They rave every time. I giggle.

Joni, Merchandising Manager

I love our srirachas, and often squirt the Spicy Kimchi Sriracha into some mayonnaise to make a spicy aioli sauce. I serve this on crab cakes and as a dipping sauce for things like baked, crunchy zucchini rounds and artichokes. Yum!

Aspen, Sales Territory Advocate

  • My kid is a picky eater, yet I try to work wildbrine into meals every day. I add the Salsa Verde or Rojo into my kid’s burritos or on top of nachos. I blend up the Organic Green Sauerkraut with some of the brine and keep a jar in my refrigerator to mix into several dishes like chili, ramen, and tuna fish casserole. It’s perfect to add into egg salad and tuna fish sandwiches for some salty deliciousness. It’s also an “egg”cellent addition to deviled eggs.
  • The brine never goes to waste in my home. I soak hard-boiled eggs in leftover brine, especially the Organic Red Beet Red Cabbage Sauerkaut as it turns them a beautiful pink color. I also replace the vinegar for the brine in my salad dressings and it’s fun to make dirty martinis with it.
  • I love making peanut sauce with our Spicy Kimchi Sriracha. It’s great on noodles, tofu satay, and fresh spring rolls. Together with garden-grown rhubarb, the Jalapeño Sriracha makes a delicious enchilada sauce or I add it green curry sauce.
  • For the creamery products, I enjoy replacing cheese and sour cream in my south-of-the-border cuisine with the tasty Chipotle Lime Dip. I eat all the dips with cucumbers or crackers and add a bit of sauerkraut on top for an added layer of flavor.
  • The other day, I made cream cheese frosting with our Plant-Based Cream Cheese on a chocolate zucchini cake. Turned out wonderfully. The butter also makes delicious pie crust and is fantastic for browning mushrooms with some garlic.

When wild fanatics blend their culinary chops and creativity together, delicious things happen! Let us know the ways you enjoy wildbrine and wildCREAMERY products in the comments.

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